power supplies

  chippy+ 20:29 25 Jan 2010

hi i have tried for a quiet power supply for various pc's and any i have got in the past costing about £40 have been anything but. now i have at last found one it is a corsair 400watt for a 2.2 amd sempron and it is great. what i would like to do is fit another 2 one pc has a 3.2 amd processor and the other is a 4.2 amd dual core processor the video cards are on board nividia 6200 would this power unit be all right or would i need to get a more powerfull one thanks Chippy

  OTT_B 21:30 25 Jan 2010

I would think that 400W should be ample, but click here to get a better idea.

  woodchip 22:07 25 Jan 2010

its not the cpu, its all the other hardware you computer as in it that uses power as to Drives and Graphics extra pci cards sound cards web cams etc

  GaT7 23:27 25 Jan 2010

Yes, not a problem at all with the 400W Corsair click here. It'll run that & more, including a graphics card that requires a dedicated power connector.

The one component that can be very power hungry is a high-end graphics card. But the low-end Nvidia 6200 won't be a problem at all for the Corsair - it could run 5 of those cards without breaking a sweat. G

  chippy+ 10:30 26 Jan 2010

hi thanks to Crossbow7,OTT_B for your help Chippy

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