Power on superviced password

  Maria Caine 02:27 02 Aug 2018

Hi, About 3years ago I thought my thinkpad T430 had been stolen. Recently I found it in our lil store room but it's outside an hardly go in there till recently I found my think pad but some taken my DVD drive back up battery I that's want it is. I didn't realise I had a power on & supervised password I keep typing in all the password I remember but no go if I don't get any luck on here then I have to wait for my friend to come an do it which is two weeks from are you able to help?

  lotvic 12:45 03 Aug 2018

Suggest you wait for friend. 2 weeks isn't long to wait seeing as it's already been about 3 years since you last used your Thinkpad.

  Forum Editor 09:45 05 Aug 2018

Moved to Tech Helproom from Consumer advice.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:24 05 Aug 2018

Unless your friend remembers the passwords then its a matter of changing the BIOS / password chip.

you may be able to get in using a backdoor password - depending on what make of BIOS - Award, Phoenix etc. alist at the end if this article.

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