Power stays to usb when system is turn off

  lpen1 21:50 15 Sep 2004

I have just install a new asrock K7V88 motherboard. All is working well accept that when I turn off the computer using the power switch at front the usb hub stays alight. The only way to turn of power to the usb hub is to turn of the switch at the back of the power supply. Has anyone got any suggestions as to what may be making this happen.

  Carpigiani 23:11 15 Sep 2004

Your motherboard has 3 pins labelled (PS2-USB-PWR1).
The jumper needs to be across pins 1&2.
If it is across pins 2&3 it allows for USB or PS2 wake up events. This could be causing your problem.

  lpen1 23:21 15 Sep 2004

Thanks, have moved jumper to pins 1 & 2 problem sorted. Thanks once again.

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