Power spike, pc starts but black screen

  Johan Thorsell 21:20 29 Apr 2018

A few days back I was playing on my ps4 when the charger for my hand controller touched an electric radiator and a jolt of electricity jumped through the cable and in to the ps4. It seems to have continued down to the power strip and from there into my pc. Now when i try to turn on my pc the fans starts and my case and graphics card light up but i only get a black screen. No bios, no nothing. What parts do you suspect are fried and what is there that i can do to find out what needs to get replaced? Thank you in advance!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:28 29 Apr 2018

The fact it starts is not a good sign. i would have thought it would have taken the PSU and perhaps a couple of rails have gone down.

Hpwever it could have taken motherboard HDD/SSD and graphics card as well.

I would start by borrowing some parts and try and boot with just motherboard 1 stick of RAm and CPu and off onboard graphics - try swapping PSU first

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