Power socket on new laptop

  Dirk Diggler 20:42 04 Jan 2010

Recently bought a HP G61-110sa laptop and have a niggling question regarding the socket that the AC power plug goes in to.

When it is plugged in there is quite a bit of movement on the socket, by that I mean I can wiggle the plug quite a bit from side to side which also moves the socket fitting inside the machine.

The AC adaptor fits snugly into the socket, it is the actual socket that moves

*.* Not sure I have explained that brilliantly but I hope you can get what I mean *.*

My question is, is this something i should be worried about or is it normal

If I took it back to the store would I be able to ask for a replacement (I have already started using it)

Thanks in advance, if I really have not made any sense please ask any questions :-)

  Technotiger 21:03 04 Jan 2010

I would take it back and get the store to check it out. Poor power connections on laptops, is a fairly frequent source of laptop problems.

  Dirk Diggler 21:12 04 Jan 2010

Where would I stand on getting a replacement as it is only a week old, also would it be down to me to put it back to factory settings?

  Technotiger 21:20 04 Jan 2010

There should be nothing 'down to you' ... just make sure that they do thoroughly check the connection to your complete satisfaction - it would be worth asking for a replacement laptop if they are unable to offer an otherwise satisfactory explanation.

You could mention that you have obtained advice from this Forum!

  User-312386 21:22 04 Jan 2010

Ask to look at another laptop exactly the same to see if that has the same type of connection, it could be that its part of the design.

Also in UK law if an item is "defective" within 28 days of purchase you are entitled to a replacement.

  woodchip 21:25 04 Jan 2010

I have a HP 510 you have to puch hard for the plug to go in so it may not be fully in

  Dirk Diggler 21:29 04 Jan 2010

Thanks, I have checkedand the plug is as far in as it will go, as mentioned it is the actual socket inside that is moving when the plug is in

  Dirk Diggler 21:31 04 Jan 2010

I did wonder if it could be a "design feature" in that if it has a bit of movement it could absorb any knocks a bit more and not do damage to the socket itself?

Dismissed it as a silly idea but now you mention it ....?

  User-312386 21:36 04 Jan 2010

It could be part of the design, i know loads of people who have knocked the main connector and broken the adaptor and the connection inside

  Input Overload 21:37 04 Jan 2010

It's a fault often found with DELL laptops usually caused by the soldered fitting coming adrift, In my opinion it will get worse & you will get intermittent connection, then eventually none at all.

Ask for replacement, I would not have any other option, if I had to stay in the shop all day. The power in socket is often soldered directly on the the ma mainboard. Very expensive to put right when out of warranty, if worth it.

  woodchip 22:27 04 Jan 2010

There should be no play as it will brake the connections, metal fatigue

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