power on self test (POST)

  gale007 18:28 26 Jan 2003

Symptoms A) When the main switch at the back of the computer is switched on the computer powers up without the power button on the front being pressed this may is not a problem but may help in your diagnosis.
B) When the computer is power up all three Lights on the key board come on then go out, The green lights on the CDRW & DVD come on flashing, The Green power& RED H/D light come on.
After 4 seconds the CDRW green light will go out, the Red light for the H/D will go out and a low rumble noise from the hard-drive. the Green flashing light on the DVD will go out after 9 sec and the computer will sit the fan running and the green power light on with no further action.(IF THE START FAILS IT IS ALWAYS SAME)
C) If the computer is then powered down and powered up again it may go through a normal start-up or it may take 5 or 10 or even 15 starts to get it to run.
D) If the computer has not started normally you can some time get it to start by pressing the RESET button but again it may take many resets to get it to start.
E) Some time you can press the power on button and it will start first time with no problems.
F) If the computer is running and you select re-start from the shutdown menu it will always re-start with NO problems.
G)If you shutdown the computer and restart after 5 mins it will restart no problems 10 time out of 10, if you wait 10 mins to restart it is back to its normal problems it may start first try or may take several starts.
H) On a good start-up the symptoms are the same up to the 4 sec point but when the CD and H/D lights go out you hear the relay pull in for the monitor and the monitor light changes from yellow to green then when the DVD light go out you hear a single bleep from the POST test then it will boot up.


A)Pressing the home key during start-up. NO CHANGE
B) Disabled the power saving feature. NO CHANGE
C) Changing the keyboard,mouse&monitor NO CHANGE
D) Isolating the CD,DVD& FLOPPY DRIVE from power and I/O signals to reduce the load on the power supply. NO CHANGE.
E) Checked the Memory stick and GRAPHICS CARD to ensure seated correctly. NO CHANGE
F)Replaced the Memory NO CHANGE installed the original memory NO CHANGE.
G) Replaced the Graphics card with a Creative Lab CT 6710 card NO CHANGE,Installed the NVIDIA GeForce card from W000831819 in an other Evsham computer no problems with start-up.Re installed the NVIDIA GeForce card in W000831819 still the same problems.
H) When the power is switched on if you listen to the hard-drive (with the aid of a screwdriver) you can hear it accelerate up as soon as the power is on the noise is just the same from the hard-drive on a failed start as a good start.The hard-drive dose not appear to be sticking.

Without the aid of a POST DIAGNOSTIC card I am unable to do any further tests as the problem may be in the mother board. Please advise if there is a BIOS by-pass key for the award 6.00PG as I think the Home Key in your some Manual is for the chain system and if you solutions to the problem or further tests to be carried out.

Awaiting your help Peter Gale.

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