power question

  Brian-318590 13:39 01 Jan 2004

hi all i run 2800 333 fsb amd fx5600 graphic card 2 hard drives a cd writer +cd drive floppy 1xcase fan 80cm on a 300w power supply i,ve got a 400w ordered as my last post advised me can someone tell me would this slow down my system ie grapics as it is now

The PSU's have nothing to do with the speed of your PC. Just really how stable they are...

For example i used to get crashing in a game because i plugged in a USB game pad and then it would restart because of not enough power.

  Brian-318590 14:14 01 Jan 2004

i was thinking if there was a dip in power that all would slow down when there was a heavy grapics section

in power would probably cause the machine to restart, at any point in time.

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