Power Quest DriveImage2002.....Aaaargh!

  Karma_Train 11:53 01 Sep 2003

Hello chaps,
I was just wondering, is there anyone out there who has successfully saved a split image to CD then managed to restore said split image with out destroying their PC?
Saturday night when most people who have a life were out enjoying themselves, I decided to do a bit of backing up.
I created a split image of my C drive, used Nero to burn the two parts to disc, then tried to restore the aforementioned image. I put the first disc in my CD tray, Drive Image began reading the data, then abruptly stopped the process saying that there was an error, I think the word 'incomplete' cropped up somwhere.
Anyhoo, the end result was an eaten OS and a PC lock out of the highest order.
Three hours on the phone to Leo49 (that man is a God you know) a power cut and half a bottle of JD later I managed to get everything back but what the hell was that all about?
The Drive Image help is really sketchy on this subject.
Could anyone please give me a walk through on how to save and restore a split image, I guess I did something crazy (apart from ever get a PC in the first place) but quite frankly, I`m stumped.
Love you all, Charlie.

  Chegs ® 12:37 01 Sep 2003

I used another prog to split the image across several cdr's,instead of the DI spanning method.I saved the image to another partition,then used click here to split it to 650mbs chunks.Then its simply copy ALL the chunks into a folder and run the reassembly part of the Filesplitter.I tried using the DI spanning prog,and hosed my image to.

  hugh-265156 12:42 01 Sep 2003
  Karma_Train 13:11 01 Sep 2003

Thanks guys for your help, Chegs, I take it 'hosed' means rendered useless, what a great expression, still laughing now. I get the picture though, unfortunately the link you sent me is on holiday or dead, what was the application called? I think I prefer the idea of using a dedicated splitter, combiner instead of Power Quest for this delicate operation.
Thanks huggy for the link, I shall peruse at length but on first sight it looks a bit like the manual, impressive but inaccessible for idiots like me who just want to do one simple task.
There may also be a problem in that I`m running DI 2002 and not DI 7, I shall give it a good seeing to though.
Thanks again for you time and help.Charlie.

  HighTower 14:03 01 Sep 2003

Might not be much help but I found Acronis True Image better than Drive Image. It will span CD's for you if necessary and will image the whole drive from within windows. I've managed to restore partitions quite easily using it and would recommend it.

  david4637 14:37 01 Sep 2003

Did you use the Acronis version from the PCW Cover Disc? If so a friend of mine ran into the same problem as Songsmith, in that spanned CDRs would not work. He managed to load the separate files back on the partitioned HD and reinstall the image that way. David

  pj123 16:22 01 Sep 2003

I also use Acronis True Image and have had no problem with it. Others have said something about a boot floppy but mine offered a boot CD which I have. It took 6 CDs plus the boot CD but it works fine. I just have to remember to alter the boot sequence in the BIOS.

  sil_ver 16:30 01 Sep 2003

Without being able to check (coz I've not done it) I'm told that it's best not to use CD-RWs for backing up but use good quality CD-Rs and burn at low speed

  Karma_Train 11:52 02 Sep 2003

Just to say that I downloaded a tiny freeware application last night called HJSplit. With consumate ease, this little prog takes my PQI image, splits it into CD sized chunks thus allowing me to save to disc, the files can then be reloaded, joined together again and remain readable by Drive Image.
This I think is the way to go for me.
Many thanks to Chegs for giving me the idea.

  HighTower 13:43 03 Sep 2003

Sorry, been away for a couple of days, didn't mean to ignore your last post to me!

I'm glad you are sorted but just to let you know the version of Acronis I use is the full deluxe retail version, and CD spanning and CD boot disks are all covered in this release.

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