Power Quest Drive Image (long post - sorry!)

  Bramblerose 17:04 16 Sep 2003

I am looking to do a complete back up of my hard drive as it is a 120 gig hard drive, I thought that once I had got my back up, I would partition the drive into 3 more manageable partitions. I am currently using about 10GB of the drive

I am trying to use the Power Quest Drive image 2002 that came with either last months or the months before PC Advisor but am having a few problems.

When I load the programme it gives me two options. The first option is to create an initial back up to a removable media ? no problems there, I have a DVD writer and blank DVD discs so I should be able to make the back up to a DVD.

The second option is the Set Up Wizard but it modifies the disk so it is recommended to create the initial back up first.

When I click on option one, it indicates that the back up size will be 4.61 GB, which will fit on the DVD.

The programme then advises me to choose the media I want to create the backup image to (there is only one option which is my DVD writer drive). I click finish and a box pops up saying it will take about 8-15 CDs ? the pc needs to reboot, do you wish to continue etc.

I have clicked to continue, the pc reboots, the programme springs into action and it starts to write to the DVD, does about 46mb then I get an error message ?#1805 error writing to image file? which when I look in the pdf help file says that this error appears when drive image runs out of space. When I click on OK, the pc reboots as normal.

I am going to back up the most important bits ? ie all MY DOCUMENTS etc but I really don?t want to lose the set up I have at the moment which is why I thought I would use Drive image as I have used it before. I thought I would be able to make an image, put it on my hard drive, burn that to a DVD and away we go but am not so sure now!

Does anyone have any ideas on what I should do?


  Mango Grummit 18:06 16 Sep 2003

I've had this with CDs. The solution for me was to copy to hard drive first, then burn to CDs.

In fact it's standard practice to me now. It's quicker this way too funnily enough.


  Mango Grummit 18:09 16 Sep 2003

Sorry, didn't read the end of your post. You're doing that already. 1000 apologies!!

  Rtus 18:28 16 Sep 2003

The message also indicates it cant recognise the DVDwriter..As far as I can recall ,It sometimes gives the message.because it has image drive on the support list ...I have to run Ill explain that a little better later ..Sorry......

  Rtus 20:58 16 Sep 2003

Are the PCA disk program drive image 2k2 trials ???if they are I dont think the recovery will work .At least in the trial of 2k2 software I tried it didnt allow recovery of the image although it did creat one... Also depending on the O/S w98 has a limit of 4 gb per folder (if I remember that correctly)but Its one of those rush here do that sort of days...for me that is .Im bushed an Ive only just got back..

  mark500 21:01 16 Sep 2003

click here If you only want to back up to store your files then use this little tool.

  Bramblerose 21:28 16 Sep 2003

I want to create an image of my hard drive so that I can, if needs be, restore the image exactly as it to the hard drive after partioning. Because I don't want to lose any of the information I have at the moment, ie OS settings etc etc I thought that creating an image would be the best thing. My OS is XP pro and the last time I used drive image was for Win 98 and it was so easy. Because the pc I want to create the image for is my business pc, I think I will "experiment" on the home pc to see what happens if I go with option two and not option one.

Rtus - not sure if they are a trial or not - it doesn't seem to have any expiry dates popping up on it when I click on anything.

I just don't want to /can't lose any info from my business pc so will practice on the other one and post back my findings!

Cheers for the help so far

  Rtus 21:40 16 Sep 2003

If you have a spare drive its easier to Drive to drive copy .limiting the partition size to say 10 gb for your main unit makes the imaging much faster ..even though it only copies the used sectors it also adds the size of partition it requires to recover to ---otherwise I use CDR and burn directly to them.

  Rtus 21:41 16 Sep 2003

Ive just spotted the XP pro ..I think theres problems with that for DIM2k2 ...

  Chegs ® 21:47 16 Sep 2003

Once you've created an image with DI2002 onto DVD,it wont recognise the DVD format in CALDERA DOS,I have a DVD-RW and a separate CD-RW,and I haven't yet managed to reinstall my C: drive by any of the images from the discs,the only way round it was to create the image onto another partition,then use another app to split the image into CDR size chunks,burn those to cd,then install XP again,copy all the cd's to a New Folder,run the reassembly that the splitter created,and then use DI to access that file and restore the C: hdd.

I am getting quite adept at finding ways round DI problems,but haven't yet sussed a way of getting DI to work on my SATA hdd's,as DI doesn't include the option to install their drivers.All is fine for creating images,but I cannot find a way to get DI to look for SATA hdd's,and with no IDE hdd's present in my puter,DI asks me to install a hdd before it can load the image. :-)

  leo49 00:56 17 Sep 2003

DI2002 works fine with XP Pro.

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