Power Producer 1.0

  parkerwitton 06:41 15 Oct 2003

I have tried to produce a slideshow i.e. VCD to view on my tv, I used Power Producer to do this, following the instructions to the letter, which confirmed at the end it was succesful.
When I go to play it in my Philips DVD625 all I see is the opening title on screen...can anyone help please?

  krypt1c 07:04 15 Oct 2003

Does the disc display on your player say PBC when you have loaded the disc ? If so you should have a button on your remote control that says PBC. Try pressing it. I created a vcd and this was how I got it to play ;-)

  krypt1c 22:08 15 Oct 2003

Received via e-mail ....Hi Thanks for the response, my DVD does not have a PBC button on it, but after reading instructions carefully I found out how to get it into PBC mode. It then started to play the vcd...but at 5 second intervals and not the 15 seconds I programmed the Power Producer to create. I can insert an ordinary jpeg disc into the machine and it will do that forme...any idea please what could be wrong...I have 3 different discs set for 15 secs intervals but they all playback at 5!!!
Sorry can't help further. I created my vcd using Nero, and was converting an asf file. Keep refreshing your post and maybe someone else will join in. PS It's best to post to your thread, rather than using e-mail just so everyone knows what's happening ;-)) Alan

  parkerwitton 13:20 16 Oct 2003

Having created a vcd using Power Producer and enabling that each individual slide lasts 15 seconds when I play it through my Philips DVD625 the slides only last 5 seconds before changing...my cd burner is NTI CD-Maker DE-LUXE how do I make it last 15 seconds?
Alternatively can anyone explain how I can use NTI to make a slideshow using jpeg images?

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