power problems.

  Rennaissance 12:26 25 Dec 2003

Hi, i left my pc switched onthis morning and then it suddenly lost power and died. I looked at the back and my ethernet adapter lights were on and the monitor worked which came off the same socket but i press the power switch and it wouldnt come back to life. So i switched it off at the mains and then on again and it worked. Any ideas?

  Big Elf 12:30 25 Dec 2003

Have you set any power saving options? Normally though pressing the power button brings it back to life

  Rennaissance 12:33 25 Dec 2003

pressing the power button always works for me, dunno why power wasn't getting to some parts of the motherboard so suddenly and work again after mains switch off.

  plankton 12:52 25 Dec 2003

How hot was the PSU? How hot was the CPU? How hot was the mobo? Are all your fans working? These'll make it power off if it's too hot......

  Rennaissance 16:35 25 Dec 2003

all fans are working, but usually i leave my pc on for the whole day. And this morning i only switched it on for an hour.

  plankton 12:02 26 Dec 2003

If its working now, the fault is probably between the mains switch and the PSU. I dont think it'll be the mobo or beyond (and very much hope not!). Do all the basic checks - wires into wall socket, then surge protector block, then the plug on the PSU, then the PSU. At least you'll be looking at the cheaper bits first. You never know there may have been a power surge, and your block worked properly!

  Rennaissance 13:20 26 Dec 2003

yes it is working fine now. I haven't yet got a surge protector and will get one as soon as possible. Thanks for all replies and help. Happy new year, to all.

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