blackpat 09:23 10 Nov 2003

Recently, my American girlfriend relocated to Britain and she brought her computer equipment with her. Some of her equipment, eg. tower and printer are marked 50/60 MHz, 120/230 volts, these are working fine, but her scanner says only 120 volts and we are afraid to try that in case we damage it, because her Bose radio was also 120 volts only and we tried that and it appears something has blown in it.To sum up, what we really want to know is, is it possible to buy a adapter, to use the 120 volts equipment, or will she have to get new and do you think the Bose radio is knackered or maybe just blown a fuse inside. Much obliged for any help.

  blackpat 01:22 11 Nov 2003

Thanks both, I will follow your advice.

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