Power on problem

  jon78 20:15 13 Apr 2006

When I press the power switch on the front of my pc it starts up but then stops. I can hear the system fan and the hard drive light stays on but there is no beep and the monitor stays on standby.

In order to get my pc to start I have to turn it off at the mains, turn it on at the mains and then push the power switch at the front of the machine. It now starts as it should.

I have to repeat this procedure every time I power the machine on and have already killed one PSU by turning it off at the mains.

Can anyone please help?

(The motherboard (KT7A-RAID) is not the origional that was in the case. Could it be a compatability problem?)

  gudgulf 20:29 13 Apr 2006

Will it start if you power it off with the on/off switch on the pc and then switch back on.....repeatedly if necessary?

And once running does it restart ok?

If you have changed the psu then the main suspects would be failing capacitors on either the motherboard or graphics card.

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  jon78 22:37 13 Apr 2006

Thanks for your response.

I've checked the capacitors and they all look fine, not that i know what they should look like.

The procedure i have to go through when starting the pc are as follows:
1)push the power button at the front of the pc.
(the fan starts and the hard drive light comes on. No Beep, No Bios)
2)turn the power off at the rear of the pc using the PSU on/off switch
3)turn the power back on using the PSU on/off switch
4)push the power button at the front of the pc
(at this point the pc powers up normaly with no further operational problems)

This makes me think that it's not a capacitor problem.

I have tried changing the core voltage from 1.750 to 1.775, as advised elsewhere, but this didn't work. I have also tried changing the DRAM Timing from 8/10ns to 'medium' from within the bios, still no luck....

Any more suggestions would be most appreciated.

  woodchip 22:42 13 Apr 2006

Yes the PSU is on it's way out you need to buy a good one, Penty of Watts plus. Buy one that’s heavy this is good indicator of quality

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