Power Point Presentation

  Yorkie 1 11:55 23 Feb 2006

Hi There, I have prepared a short PoerPoint presentation on a desk top PC, it works fine. I have tried to transfer it to a lap top and all is well except the timing goes haywire. For the transfer process I have tried a wireless net card and a CD both with the same result. The CD is fine when played on the original PC. Any thoughts?

  pc_sausage 12:09 23 Feb 2006

Is the timing to do with slide transition, with music playing or sound effect timings etc?

I have found in the past that doing a slideshow, with transition & music slows down on a laptop.

Not sure the full reasons why, but may help to close all other windows (& maybe even re-boot) then try it. If it's overheating, that could be a cause?

Sorry it's not more clear - I'm not very techy

  Yorkie 1 12:15 23 Feb 2006

Hi pc_sausage
Thanks for taking the trouble, but it is the transition timing that's the problem, however I am not using and form of sound. Even playing the sequence straight from the CD on the lap top, the timing is all out.

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