Power Piont Display??

  Madpad_001 19:00 10 Oct 2004

I am trying to create a power piont display that will be able to download off my website. I am happy how do do the downloadable document, but I want it to open up directly in power piont (or simliar type program) as a silde show, and not as a file, which you then have to open up in power piont to then display?

Is this possible?? or do I need some extra software to do this??

I hope this question makes sence to you all, I have tried to explain what I mean, the best I can.

  powerless 22:22 10 Oct 2004

For *.pps files you will have to have powerpoint installed.

OR you can tell visitors to download the free viwer from: click here

Or in PP when you save as save as Web page and it can viewed in IE with PP/viewer.

  Madpad_001 23:08 10 Oct 2004

many thanks

I am happy at that !


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