Power Overkill for 98SE ?

  [DELETED] 00:30 23 Oct 2003

I am building a new machine comprising of an AMD XP 3000 on a GigaByte Triton GA/7N400 Pro2 motherboard , 1 gig DDR400 memory , 2 x Maxtor7200 Serial ATA 80 gig hard drives , GeForce 256MB graphics card .

I Realise that if i were to install Win98SE i would have to overcome memory issues , along with hard drive capacity (seen) problem .

I would like to know if anyone knows of any other problems likely that are likely to arise .

Is the capability of 98 too old for this spec , and should i just save myself the hassle and use XP (i do have a Thing for 98).

Also the mobo has RAID , this is new to me , from what i have read today on it , i can see little use for it on this setup , the Mirror option seems to be the only benefit using Raid , and i`m used to backing up regularly , the slave drive is too be used for storage and editing , so this would mean yet another hard drive which seems over the top , unless i have got it wrong, any advice welcome .

  [DELETED] 08:39 23 Oct 2003

I use an 80Gb HDD with Windows 98, and it's not a problem (I believe 120Gb is the upper limit). But your memory will be a problem.

I run a dual-boot system with 98SE and XP, due to needing XP for compatibility with some of my customers' setups. I've kept 98 to avoid having to update all my old hardware and software drivers etc., but I've configured XP to look like 98 ("classic" configuration, I think) and am gradually transferring things over to it. If it weren't for my old stuff, I would be happy to run with XP alone. Since yours is all new, I would recommend that you go with XP.

Like you, I'm not convinced of the advantages of RAID -- especially as with some of the possible configurations you seem to lose all of your data if only one of your RAID drives goes phut. Regular backups seems to me to be best for home users.

  [DELETED] 10:23 23 Oct 2003

Thanks for the input stlucia , i believe the memory problem can be resolved by editing the MaxPhysPage within the system.ini , and using software like Cacheman might help .

Regarding the hard drive size , i had read somewhere that FDISK on the original boot floppy did not recognise over 64gig , and would deduct 64 from the size of the hard drive , but Microsoft have a fix for this .

I`m teetering on the edge of installing XP , if there is any likely hood of other problems/more severe issues to overcome using 98 , thanks again .

  [DELETED] 11:44 23 Oct 2003

98se was not written to take advantage of some of the newer architecture of modern processcors such as enhanced branch prediction, whilst it will still work you will loose many Megaflops off the paceyou will achieve using XP. If money is a problem use Linux. 98se was a great OS for its time but your hardware doesnt belong to the same era. kiss it goodbye and move on.

  [DELETED] 12:56 23 Oct 2003

Yes, I remember now that I did install a MS upgrade to get FORMAT and a few of the other commands to recognise the 80Gb disk.
But I would second horiz5's recommendation -- better to have the software which is of the same era as the hardware, and forget about tweaking this, that, and the other with upgrades and 3rd-party software. Go for XP!

  [DELETED] 19:56 24 Oct 2003

Thanks for the input stlucia and horiz5 , i have now moved on , nipped out earlier and bought XP .

  [DELETED] 20:09 24 Oct 2003

Windows 98 has an error in the NDIS system which produces a "divide by zero" error if you attempt to install it to a processor faster than 2.1 gHz. The problem started with Windows 95 but in the absence of faster processors was only discovered far later.

It's possible to get a replacement NDIS.VXD file from Microsoft's Product Support Section while extended support is still in place, but not for 95 which is no longer supported.

I haven't bothered with a replacement NDIS.VXD and just use procesors below that mark.

  [DELETED] 20:28 24 Oct 2003

Thanks flecc , thats one of the `any other problems`, i was half convinced i should go for XP , stlucia and horiz5 made my mind up , you have just capped it.

I have always got on well with 98SE and may have become a little to comfortable with it , to want to move on , but times change .

Hope this doesent mean i have to have a haircut though .

  [DELETED] 20:36 24 Oct 2003

You'll be needing a blue shirt with button down collars as well.

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