Power over Ethernet?

  Effie 23:33 24 May 2005

I am planning to get broadband connected and the provider I am interseted in has put on their website that if I want 'power over ethernet' I will have to pay extra.

I only need to have my own computer attached to the broadband. I am do not have a need, or plan in the short term to go into the area of networking with other computers.

Please, can anyone please explain what this phrase means in light of my needs?

Thanks again

  Tim1964 23:49 24 May 2005

What is the name of the ISP?

Could you post the address of the site?

  Tim1964 23:51 24 May 2005

What is the name of the ISP?

Could you post the address of the site?

  Effie 09:36 25 May 2005

Sorry Tim 1964, dont know how to do the link the way you folks do so will just copy and paste and hope it comes out well enough for you to get to. Cheers.

click here

  Taff36 10:07 25 May 2005

This appears to be a Wireless Broadband offer. By searching the site I found this: click here and click here which suggests the POE is just a power supply to transmit the signal.

  wiz-king 10:19 25 May 2005

foe POE read mains adaptor. Newspeak rules Bah!

  TomJerry 10:27 25 May 2005

POE: currently work for IP phone net

In future, some laptops can draw power from POE, but no such lappy available yet.

So what is the point of paying extra?

  Effie 11:17 25 May 2005

Please can you elaborate about your point on 'IP phone net'?

Are we talking about internet telephony, which is something I am thing of connecting into in order to ring friends not on the internet at a cheaper price than using a landline connection??

I do have a mains power socket close to my computer so does this mean that an adapter isnt necessary or can this system be plugged directly into the mains?

Thanks everyone for your comments thus far.

  Aspman 12:23 25 May 2005

POE is a new development to allow devices to draw the electricity the need from the same cable as their network connection.

One of the main uses for this is for devices that need to be located in out of the way places where it would add a lot to the cost if you had to run a power cable and the Cat5 cable. Things like security cameras and wireless access points. With POE only the Cat5 cable needs to be layed.

It needs special POE equipment to work and POE switches at the network end.

I didn't know much equipment was out yet and I can't see too much use for it in a house where power sockets are rarely very far away.

  Effie 13:33 25 May 2005

Thanks Aspman for that piece of information.

  TomJerry 19:02 25 May 2005

this kind of arrangement is normally for large companies

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