Power out.

  Sketch 10:40 09 Jun 2003

My PC is becoming increasingly prone to powering out and then rebooting all by itself for no obvious reasons. What are the likely problems?

I have just installed a new graphics card.

Would this affect anything?


  Valvegrid 10:45 09 Jun 2003

Could be a power supply dropping out then switching back on. How old is the machine because adding the graphics card may be the last straw. Is it OK without the card added?


  Sketch 21:25 11 Jun 2003

Yes it was. So a new power supply would solve the problem then? The system is 1.5 years old. The NEW g-card unlike the old g-card, needs its own power router for onboard fan and ram.


  VoG™ 21:29 11 Jun 2003

Are you running Windows XP?

If so disabling the “restart on system failure” feature may permit the exact cause to be isolated: Right-click on My Computer, click Properties, click the Advanced tab. Under “Startup & Recovery,” click Settings. Under “System Failure,” uncheck the box in front of “Automatically restart.”

Source: click here

  Sketch 14:20 12 Jun 2003

Running Win98SE.


  -pops- 14:33 12 Jun 2003

I work on a rule of thumb that a modern machine with just the basics (1 x processor, 1 x HDD, 1 x CD unit, 1x floppy) needs a 300 Watt PSU. ANY additions such as a graphics card with fan, another CD unit (especially a writer), another HDD, non-self-powered USB equipment etc., allow another 25 Watts each.

So, a machine with 2 x CD/DVD units, 2 x HDD, 1 x cooled graphics card, 1 x USB item would have a 400 Watt PSU. (300 W basic + 4 x extra items @ 25 W each)

This is very empirical but it does allow a good reserve of power should it be necessary. Upgrading a PSU from 300 to 400 Watt doesn't cost a lot.


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