Power or graphics problem

  Demora 11:53 29 Jun 2007

Over the past 14 months I've had my fair share of problems with this pc. First one was I needed to get a higher wattage poer supply. Did that then I've had numerous problems click here

Finally today I Monitored just what was happening. I boot the pc. FINE all ok. 40 mins later it freezes. screen goes blank and I can't bring it to life. Only way I can do this is the off button. Wait awhile pc boots fine. 40 mins later same story.

I checked the events viewer and it is definately a pattern. of the 40mins kind.

If I connect the hard drive via cables and usb to another pc it works fine all day. So ruling the hdd out here. MFT is fine. diskeeper sorted that.

So power options are all set to Never.

I need pointers here.

BTW the PC doesn't have anything on to backup. fresh install a week or so ago.



  Gongoozler 12:18 29 Jun 2007

Demora, if the computer can be switched on immediately after you shut it down, then the problem could be software or PSU related, but if you have to wait a time before you can switch it on, then almost certainly it's a heat problem. Can you monitor the critical temperatures. I use Motherboard Monitor (MBM5) for this purpose click here

  keef66 12:48 29 Jun 2007

Doesn't sound like heat to me, given the 40 minute predictability of the freeze. Does the event viewer tell you what happened just before it freezes. Is is scheduled to run any automatic, background maintenance like defragging, compacting, virus checking, indexing?? Any other software it could be? (the recent, clean install makes this less likely though)

Do you get any clues on screen, either when it freezes or when restarting it?

  Demora 12:50 29 Jun 2007

Thing is its not getting hot at all. If it was water I'd call it tepid.

All the fans are clean, nothing blocking it at all. I checked the system temp just after I booted up and cpu was only 24 degrees. (it normally runs at 35-37)

I can boot up straight awy after a turn off. all normal for less than 40 mns though.

The psu is a £12+ from ebuyer 500w Casecom ATX500w. The processor is AMD Athlon64 3400+ The memory is 1gig (2 x 512 DDR PC400. KIngston ddr. and the Motherboard is cheap as they come Foxconn winfast 760. etc.

Graphics card seems ok a GeForce fx5500.


  Demora 12:54 29 Jun 2007

No Clues on scrren as to what goes. just freezes. It does mention 'Disk' in the events viewer. BUT the hdd appears to be ok when connected via USB caddy to my laptop and I have a few videos on the hdd that I delibrately watch to make sure the hdd is running full time when I test it this way.

Things therefore might be pointing to a controller on the motherboard. I'm guessing this.


  keef66 13:28 29 Jun 2007

do you have the 4 pin power lead connected to the motherboard somewhere near the cpu socket??

  keef66 13:32 29 Jun 2007

£12 for a 500W psu makes me think that may be the weakest link. Could you borrow another, quality branded psu (Antec, Coolermaster etc)to see if that makes a difference?

  Demora 14:05 29 Jun 2007

Yes and yes.

But from the psu there are 2 4pin cables. 1 with 2 yellow and 2 black wires connected, the other has 0ne of each red orange black and yellow. The one thats connected is the 2 yellow 2 black.

they have slightly different plastic fixing on though.


  keef66 15:09 29 Jun 2007

the 2 yellow + 2 black is the right one to connect to the 4 pin 12v socket near the cpu

The red/orange/black/yellow one sounds like the 4 pins you detach from a 24 pin power connector when you're attaching it to a 20 pin socket on the motherboard.

Does your mobo have a 20 pin power socket, hence the spare pins?

  Demora 21:15 29 Jun 2007

yes it does.

I'll try swapping the psu tomorrow.

BTW have just booted it up and checked the event logs for 10.30 this morning when it froze. Nothing is mentioned. I'm wondering now whether its one of those windows updates. interfering. Maybe I can restore the system to a date before this started happening.


  Demora 09:40 30 Jun 2007

I just don't understand it. The PC behaved from the time of my last posting 21.15 last night until my daughter came in after midnight and so far this morning.

Am strill going to try the other pc's power supply. a 450watt heavy duty beast.

Thanks for all the pointers and help.


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