Power Options

  Cybes100 10:29 22 Jun 2010

What are the best power options for me?
I hate loading/starting up my PC every morning, and like to have it on overnight for the back-ups and updates to run.
I am energy concious though, so what's the best power settings for me?

  Diemmess 10:53 22 Jun 2010

You seem to prefer to keep the whole system alive but want to save uneccessary power usage.
Hibernate is an option but some on this forum have trouble in resurrection.

I use settings which never turn off the HD, nor let the system go to standby.
The monitor turns off after 20 minutes but can be revived with a squiggle from the mouse.

These days the monitor uses far less than the old CRT. so the saving will be small.

Then I do switch off at the wall overnight
Also if I know I shall be out of the house for more than a couple of hours I will shut the computer down leaving the router running and power still on at the wall.

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