power to monitor from computer tower

  shaneepoo 11:28 02 Dec 2003

can anyone give me some addvise why when i power up my tower the green light comes on the monitor then goes back to yellow and i cant get a picture on screen ive got a motherboard which as got all the ports /usb and keyboard mouse all soldier on the board in a block i couldnt tell you what make it is i can tel you it is a gold colour a socket 7 some of the things on the board is a gold chip with {ecs} on it another with winbond and one more with {sis}the computer seems as if it running ok but no picture on the monitor do i have to add a seperate grapic card

  Diodorus Siculus 11:33 02 Dec 2003

Sounds like the graphics card is not seated properly - has it ever worked?

Check in the BIOS to see that the machine is told where to get video from - i.e. onboard or via an AGP card.

Do you know if it is onboard graphics, or do you have a seperate card?

  Djohn 11:39 02 Dec 2003

Is this the new system you have bought this morning?

  shaneepoo 11:57 02 Dec 2003

i cant get into bios because the monitor wont switch on i would assume that the board as got a graphics card built in as the monitor lead goes into a socket which is solider to the board ive tryed a seperate grapics card and the same happens where the monitor will go green then back to yellow i no the monitor is ok as i use it with my boys computer

  Djohn 12:05 02 Dec 2003

It's no good trying a separate card if you can't get into the BIOS. You would need to do this to disable the on-board graphics for the card to be recognised. Can you answer my question above please? Is this the new PC you have bought this morning, and if so did the monitor come with it, or are you using a monitor you already had? j.

  shaneepoo 12:11 02 Dec 2003

no mate its not the one i bought this moring iam not going anywhere near that iam not that stupid na its a board i had in the cupboard i thouhgt i would try it in the tower i had problams with just to double check the powerpack and the connections where ok they seem to be ok apart from this little hiccup as the computer boots up apart from the monitor

  sil_ver 12:22 02 Dec 2003

Could be a duff or mismatched cpu

  plankton 12:26 02 Dec 2003

What have you done to get your old computer powered up?

  Djohn 12:31 02 Dec 2003

That's a relief shaneepoo, I thought for a moment you were having problems already with the new one!

If the monitor is not receiving a signal, you will normally see an on-screen display saying so.

It sounds as though the monitor is going straight into "Standby". Green light turning to orange immediately after power-up. Have you tried pressing the power button on the monitor after it turns to orange? Does it turn the monitor off completely or give a signal of some sort?

  plankton 12:43 02 Dec 2003

Can you green tick the old thread, so that we only talk to this one now please...;o))

  shaneepoo 22:07 02 Dec 2003

yes mate ive tryed pressing the monitor button after i started the computer up and it switchs it off totaly

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