power loss graphics card

  Hrosir 13:48 24 Aug 2008

i have just changed my old graphics card for a new one, 1650 ati for an nvidia gt8600. The problem is that after a short period the pc closes down without warning. I tried to play Warcraft but this wont even open!. Is this likely to be a card overheat or a software issue perhaps?
Help appreciated

  Giggle n' Bits 14:01 24 Aug 2008

does it have a name like Inno3D, Asus or MSI etc. Is it a PCI Express or AGP and does it require its own power.

My thought may be your PSU needs to be bigger like 500w+

  Giggle n' Bits 14:02 24 Aug 2008

your card from online if you did, which windows and PSU size, maybe some spec of your computer.

  Hrosir 16:21 24 Aug 2008

My current cpu is an Athlon 64 3000, with a 450watt psu and the Inno 8600gt Graphics card. I have two hard drives. running normally the picture is fine but on starting Warcraft the system shuts down. I am now thinking that the suggestion of a higher power cpu is a valid one.

  Hrosir 19:29 29 Aug 2008

having tried a new psu rated at 700 watts, I still have the same problem, ie, the pc shuts down as soon as any load is placed on the graphics card. I have reloaded windows vista in an attempt to clear any bugs from previous card installations but the result is the same. The pc appears fine and yet the system shuts down as soon as I attempt to start World of Warcraft. Any thoughts please?

  GaT7 19:52 29 Aug 2008

Seems like many experience the same problem click here. Doesn't seem like the PSU (or most other things one would normally think of) is the problem in most cases, but bugs in the game itself. Did you install all the patches, including the latest one? G

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