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Power light on but no one at home

  recap 21:06 15 Jul 2007

Hi all

A friends computer will not boot up, the power light is on but nothing comes on the monitor. The monitor is working as I have connected it to another computer.

There is no post boot, no fans purring away or on the hard drive.

With the power light on I do not think it could be the power pack?

Any suggestions would be welcome.


  algo mas 21:22 15 Jul 2007

I think it could be the PSU. This happened to me.
Also it would be wise, as suggested that all wires/cables in and out of the computer are secure and where they should be. My scanner just now refused to work. I checked the connections and found the usb cable was just slightly out of its socket1 one gentle push and all cured.

  recap 21:32 15 Jul 2007

Thanks folks, have tried all connections they are sound. skidzy that was a thought I had, will give paul€ suggestion tomorrow before I suggest a new mobo.

  Strawballs 21:44 15 Jul 2007

It could still be the PSU (power pack) producing enough power to light the power light but that is all, try unplugging every thing from the motherboard except 1 stick of memory and cpu fan and of course the PSU and seeing if it will boot to post screen then if it does it could be PSU if it does not it could be the MoBo or it it had more than 1 stick of memory try again with the other 1 and it does not boot then it is probably that stick of memory if not the MoBo.

  recap 21:46 15 Jul 2007

Thanks Strawballs.

  Technotiger 07:44 16 Jul 2007

I 2nd, 3rd and 4th all those who have suggested get a new PSU!

  recap 14:41 16 Jul 2007

I have opened the computer up and disconnected everything except the CPU fan. All that happened was the fan turned just once and stopped.

I would say that it is the PSU, would anybody else concur with this?


  recap 18:56 16 Jul 2007

Cheers skidzy

  recap 21:24 16 Jul 2007

Soory I should have clicked resolved, a new power supply unit was fitted and now everything is working OK.

Thanks to all that posted.


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