Power Leads for Notebooks

  webber_man 13:16 29 Sep 2003


A silly question (maybe) but i don't know the answer!

I have a notebook that i want to use in North America - would it be ok to connect it to the power via a 2 pin plug via the power pack or would i need a new power pack that will work with the North American power supply?

  -pops- 13:24 29 Sep 2003

Depends on the notebook. Check with the manufacturers first. Most will be OK, I'm fairly sure but you may have just the odd one that isn't.

At least the USA power is lower voltage than here so it is unlikely to burn out from overvoltage.

  Belatucadrus 13:53 29 Sep 2003

Most will be OK, but look at the power pack, it will probably state the voltage range. If it says something like AC input range 100-240V it's designed to work almost anywhere and isn't going to be a problem. click here for more info.

Don't forget to check your insurance.

  webber_man 14:30 29 Sep 2003

Thanks for the replies.


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