Power leads for laptops - how much!

  Rick Myles 08:25 30 Apr 2007

Hello to all (my first post here!)

I need to obtain a replacement power lead for a notebook and was shocked to see prices of up to £70+ ! Does anyone know of a cheap way to replace the power lead?

I thought about second hand, is there a UK place that supplies these previously used? I also thought about these all-purpose/universal switchable power supplies used for other electronic equipment - can any of these be used?

On a more technical note...
The power lead quotes:
HZ (presumably hertz)

Which of the above is the crucial factor(s) for compatible matching?


  moorie- 08:34 30 Apr 2007

hi Rick,
its worth checking out ebay,i got a genuine toshiba replacement,1 year ago for£9.99 + postage
click here
as an example

  Technotiger 08:39 30 Apr 2007

Hi, I have a spare AC Adapter, details on it are:-

Model ADP-60DB
Input 100-240V~1.5A 50-60Hz 120-160VA
Output 19V --- 3.16A

I am not 100% sure if it works ok, but can easily check this at my local pc shop (just opposite my home).

If it checks out ok, you are welcome to have it at no cost. It is only sitting in a drawer at the moment, not doing anything!

Let me know here if you are interested, I will get it tested and if ok I will then ask you here, to contact me via yellow envelope.

  Technotiger 08:39 30 Apr 2007

PS - I also meant to say "Welcome to the Forum"

  Technotiger 08:45 30 Apr 2007

Another PS after having read your question again - and that is .. Do not use a General Purpose adapter,
ratings will not be the same as the genuine article. The one I have is from a laptop/notebook.

  Technotiger 09:00 30 Apr 2007

This is the adapter ...

click here

  Rick Myles 09:00 30 Apr 2007

Thanks moorie- Of course! Ebay may be the place to look.

Thanks also technotiger for your most generous offer. The spec I have is as follows:

Model PA 1650-02
Input 100-240V~1.6A 50-60Hz 65W
Output 19V --- 3.42A

This brings me back to the question about compatible matching - If anyone can answer this it would be a great help.

If your lead is compatible Technotiger I glady accept your offer and will happily send reembursemnt for P&P+ ;^)

Meanwhile I will continue my search for an answer on compatibilty.

  Technotiger 09:05 30 Apr 2007

My last link above shows all the Laptop/Notebooks it is compatible with - see if yours is on the list.

  Steve- 09:06 30 Apr 2007

Have a look here, click here I obtained a Power Supply for my Sony Vaio for about £15.

  Steve- 09:09 30 Apr 2007

The PA 1650-02 is about £30 on the Laptops and spares site. site.

  Rick Myles 10:56 30 Apr 2007

I found this info on the site Steve linked-to (thanks Steve):

"Most of our laptop ac adapters (mains chargers) are listed with a "maximum amps" rating. This means that the ac adapter will be suitable for use with a laptop requiring anything up to the "max amps" rating.

For instance a charger shown with a "max amps" rating of 5amps, will be suitable for use with a notebook requiring 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5amps, but not 6amps.

This is because the laptop will only draw as many amps as it actually requires."

I also phoned a PC shop and was informed that there are 'universal' adaptors available and matching the wattage was the main criteria.

I guess this means that Technotiger's adaptor is slightly short on the amps - but I wonder if that means the only possible problems would be damage to the adaptor but not the notebook ?

Still investigating - thanks for all help so far ;^)

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