power lead for graphics card

  [DELETED] 01:17 15 Dec 2003

i have just bought a geforce fx 5600 ultra i have been told you have to connect a power lead from your PSU to the card the problem is i don't know which one is it the one that goes in to all hard drives and cd roms its a inno 3d graphics card. If i have to use the same lead that goes into my harddrive then i will have to buy a adapter please can someone help

thank you

  sil_ver 01:26 15 Dec 2003

splitters are easy enough to source, your Local computer shop will probably have one or you could try click here. just make sure your PSU is up to the extra drain.

  sil_ver 01:28 15 Dec 2003

looking at the spec it seems to be the same molex connector as your HDD

  hugh-265156 01:35 15 Dec 2003

standard molex connector.

as above if you dont have a free molex plug available you can get splitters easily from maplins/pcworld etc.

note most graphics cards that need a external power source want a 300w psu or larger.

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