Power lamp on but no life

  max10 22:04 10 Nov 2009

I have a Dell tower case PC running win XP.
I recently switched it on and the power lamp comes on and there is a beep 6 times from a sounder on the motherboard and that's it. I get no busy lights or anything on the monitor. The power supply and processor fans are running and as far as i can tell all power supplies are healthy. I tried Dell but would'nt even start a diagnosis without a payment up front.
Has anybody any ideas.

  tullie 22:08 10 Nov 2009

Have a feint suspicion that it may be a problem with a memory stick.

  Technotiger 22:10 10 Nov 2009

Six beeps indicates a possible keyboard problem - can you try a different keyboard?

  Forum Editor 22:13 10 Nov 2009

but without knowing which Dell machine you have (or the name of the BIOS (AMI or Phoenix etc.) I can't really help.

Six individual beeps on an AMI BIOS usually report a keyboard controller chip problem, but I'm in the dark without knowing more.

  woodchip 22:44 10 Nov 2009

One of two things Graphics or Memory

  max10 22:53 10 Nov 2009

The model of the PC is a DC8M if this helps.

  max10 08:25 11 Nov 2009

The same symptoms appear when I only have the monitor connected, no other peripherals.

  Technotiger 10:14 11 Nov 2009

The model number does not help I'm afraid.

Have you tried another keyboard? If your BIOS is AMI, then I would expect the problem to be as per Forum Editor's suggestion - keyboard controller chip on the mobo, which is why I said try another keyboard.

Looks like a trip to your local PC repairer is needed.

  Quiller. 10:25 11 Nov 2009

It's always worth popping the cmos battery out for a couple of minutes, with the power cable taken out. Then pop the battery back in.

It costs nothing and is quick to do.

  howard64 10:44 11 Nov 2009

as well as removing the battery there is normally a jumper on the motherboard which has to be moved from bridging pins 1 and 2 for normal operation to pins 2 and 3 to clear the cmos. Once done put the jumper back on pins 1 and 2. You move the jumper when the pc is disconnected from the mains supply.

  woodchip 11:15 11 Nov 2009

Any of these click here

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