Power On Issues

  theons100 13:42 01 Jun 2010


I recently bought a new graphics card (Sapphire HD5770) and installed on my Win7 64bit machine.
I have three 300gb HDD's and a Blu-Ray R/W and DVD R/W in my rig too.
To power this I have a new 1000watt PSU and everything runs smoothly....

The issue I have is that I have to turn my PC on twice (without fail) evertime I switch on. The first time I power on the fans start running inside but I never get to the BIOS screen and the PC does not make the "Beep" sound at all. I switch off manually and re-start and everything is fine.....??????
I have Googled, Yahoo'ed and Binged more times than I can remember on this subject but nobody has been able to advise me....Please PC Advisor, your my only hope!

  gengiscant 14:16 01 Jun 2010

A start would be just to check you haven't loosened a front panel connectionwhen you installed your new gpu.Although you say you have a 1000W psu, is it a good one, as many people make the mistake of buying a cheap psu,(myself included in the past).
Your psu should easily run all that you have, but you might want to check using this. click here

  theons100 18:17 01 Jun 2010

Thanks gengiscant,

I have checked all of the connections and am happy they are all connected correctly. My PSU is a Thermaltake one and I bought it specifically for it's quality so I am sure this can't be the issue either.
It's really annoying to have to keep turning the PC on and then off and then on again just to get going!

  gengiscant 08:42 02 Jun 2010

Faulty PSU perhaps,do you have a spare you could swap? it would rule that out if the problem persists.

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