Power issue on pc

  [DELETED] 10:09 11 Sep 2003

I am trying to put together a new pc. I have an elite K7S5A mobo, 1600xp Athlon processor with heatsink and fan. I have a 32mb graphics card with fan. I also have a cd rom and cd rewriter and of course a hard drive.
The system powers up but nothing boots and no beeps.
I have a 230w power unit. Could it be that this is not enough and some power goes through the system but not enough to allow it to boot up?
Can you please help?

  [DELETED] 11:39 11 Sep 2003

It could be your power supply.
Have you tried booting up without any drives and cards (except graphics card) being connected. If not try that first, you will of course get some error messages. Then try with just your hard drive connected. If it boots up ok slowly add your other drives to see if it can cope with that. Most high performance motherboards do require a minimum of 300W of power

  Diemmess 12:22 11 Sep 2003

When I rebuilt a couple of years ago the supplier made a strong recommendation that for any AMD CPU (after a Pentium MMX)I should go for a 300w. PSU.

Nowadays the suggestion is 400w! I think that is a bit over the top for many, and there is an extra fan (potential noise) on the downside.

You really should go for at least 300 watts because if this isn't the present cause of trouble it could be very soon.

The design pays great attention to exact voltages, so that when the demand for milliamps exceeds the capability of the PSU, the voltage may drop out.

  [DELETED] 17:36 11 Sep 2003

try running ya pc without the cd-rom and cd-rw connected and remove any other cards, modem, sound card etc.

leave the graphics card and hard drive connected, so that if there is enough power now, it will boot into windows ok.

if all is running ok now, would suggest 400watt psu, so that any future upgrades ( better graphics card, second hard drive, cpu upgrade ) ya dont get the same problem later.

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