Power Issue HP Prodesk 400 G3 SFF

  ICTTECHY 08:34 07 Mar 2018

click here world, I am wondering if somebody has the brains to help me out!

I am having issues with my ProDesk 400. As soon as I plug it in the case fan and cpu fan spin for approx 1 second. The lights on the front also light up for 1 second. This is repeated over and over again. The fan spins, Stops, Spins, Stops and this goes on and on and on. I have tried to replace RAM, Checked processor paste in case of over heating this seems okay. Not sure what else I can try.. Has anybody ever come across this? It's as if the PC isn't even starting up. This happens as soon as I plug the IEC cable in. Without even pressing the power button this happens on repetition.

Any help would be hugely appreciated. THANK!!


  wee eddie 09:39 07 Mar 2018

Power Supply is probably on it's last legs

  ICTTECHY 11:13 07 Mar 2018

Thank you for this I will give this a check. I will try and source another supply to check. Multi meter is reading fine across rails but you never know.

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