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  muffin1947 22:30 13 Oct 2008

I have just downloaded a flight simulator game and am not sure what to do next.Can I play it directly from the hard drive or do I have to burn it to a disc and if so what type of disc.It is in ISO format and I have Power Iso installed.Can someone advise.If I have to put it on a disc what is the procedure.


  Anti_Virus 22:39 13 Oct 2008

Hi. Whenever I've needed to run an .iso format program, I've normally used CD Drive emulation software, such as Daemon Tools, which is generally held in high regard, and I personally reccomend. Download it here: click here

What it does is creates a virtual CD/DVD Drive - That is to say, an extra CD Drive will show up in 'My Computer' even though you won't have one physically installed on your PC. What you do is mount the .iso image to the CD Drive, and voila! That virtual drive acts as though you've put in your flight simulation game disc. As it runs from the hard drive, load times are generally better.

Of course, you can also use your Power ISO software to burn the .iso image to a blank CD/DVD, and it will be just like a normal game on CD.

  muffin1947 22:51 13 Oct 2008

Thanks Anti_Virus if I decide to burn using my power iso software I presume I will have to use two blank DVDS.Disc 1 is 4.11 Gb and disc 2 is 4.04 Gb and my blank DVDs are all 4.7 Gb how do I get round that problem.Are all blank DVDs the same size or can I get some with more space on them.

  Anti_Virus 23:34 13 Oct 2008

As to that, I'm not so sure, I'm afraid. Unfortunately I haven't used that particular program, and whenever I have used my own software (Roxio Easy Media Creator) to burn ISO images to disc, they've never been more than the 4.7GB capacity.

However, theoretically, you should be able to put more than 4.7GB worth of data on a DVD disc by writing to a Dual Layer DVD disc. Dual Layer DVD discs have (as the name suggests) two physical layers within the disc, with the first being semi-transparent, so the the disc reading laser can read both layers. This means you caqn get 8.5GB of data on to a Dual Layer disc, rather than the 4.7GB on normal, single layer, discs, which you spoke of.

Whether you can can do this with the software you've got, I don't know, as it doesn't say on the website ( click here ). In terms of hardware though, I beleive all DVD+-RW Drives are able to record Dual Layer, so I think you shouldn't have a problem there. You will, however, have to purchase Dual Layer DVD+R discs, which are available for around £10 or under on the high street or amzazon (see here: click here )

As I said, I've never burned an ISO image on to a Dual Layer DVD disc myself, but theoretically it can be done, and from what I've read, should be easy. It would be a much easier solution than splitting the 4.11GB ISO file on to two different discs, which I'm not even sure is possible. I think the only question is whether the software can burn onto Dual Layer disc, which I think it most probably can.

Personally though, I'd just save myself the trouble and use the virtual CD/DVD Drive software I told you about. It's much easier :) Hope I've helped.

  mrwoowoo 23:39 13 Oct 2008

You can choose to extract the files to a folder on your hard drive.When it's extracted them all you can click on the setup.exe file in the extracted to folder and install it on your pc.

  mrwoowoo 23:42 13 Oct 2008

If you want to burn to disc after extraction,you will indeed need 2 blank discs.
You should see two folders(disc1 and disc2) after extraction which you can burn seperately in the usual way that you burn any data disc.

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