Power dvd / unsupported format in drive D ?

  skidzy 21:59 27 Feb 2006

Hello ..
XP Home SP2....Ive recently tried to play dvd's with the power dvd on my system but get the error message:

Power Dvd: with unsupported Format in Drive D

Dvd will work fine via Windows Media Player.
Im guessing a registry entry is missing ? or maybe some Codec,but without knowing whats missing...im struggling to fix the problem.
Ive done a Google and Microsoft search to no avail.
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Also done system restore,but im not sure how long ive had this problem as ive not used the Power Dvd recently.

******** Thanks in advance *********

  Totally-braindead 22:03 27 Feb 2006

Its possible something in Power DVD has been corrupted, if it worked before then try deleting PowerDVD and reinstalling it.

  skidzy 22:10 27 Feb 2006

Thanks for the reply BB
Power dvd came preinstalled.The system is 4 years old now and really dont want to do a recovery if i can help it...
I never had the xp windows disc,just a recovery disc.
I agree its possibly corrupted and was hoping there may be a way to sort this out if possible.
Thanks for the input BB

  skidzy 22:12 27 Feb 2006

I meant to say in my posting the dvd's im trying to play are shop dvd's ( woolworths)...So nothing dodgey.And its a dvd rom not rw

  skidzy 22:24 27 Feb 2006

Just found out it will play ripped dvd's borrowed off a friend,but not bought out of a shop dvd's ?...help...its getting frustrating now !!!!!! :-(

  skidzy 22:32 27 Feb 2006

Thanks BB for replying.....All sorted now.
I had to alter a setting in properties on Drive D
************** Resolved *************

  skidzy 22:34 27 Feb 2006

In my frustrating moments i kept calling you Bb,please accept my apologies for writing BB.Meant to write TB.

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