Power DVD breaks Internet Connection

  ened 17:05 23 Feb 2006

Does anyone know if it is possible to prevent Power DVD from closing the internet connection when the programme is closed.

  rômanab 17:10 23 Feb 2006

I have Power DVD but that has never happened to me?

  ened 17:15 23 Feb 2006

That's odd then.

It happens everytime I close it. Not randomly but every time. I am only trying to play DVDs & was not even aware a connection was necessary.

  rômanab 17:36 23 Feb 2006

It shouldn't be.

Does Power DVD run when you are not connected to the net?

  ened 17:40 23 Feb 2006

Yes but the Connection box comes up.

  rômanab 17:43 23 Feb 2006

What happens if you don't connect?

  ened 17:49 23 Feb 2006

Click 'Work Offline' and carry on enjoying my Rolling Stones Concert.

ie Nothing detrimental.

PS All features appear to be fully functional but there is no mention of the internet in any of the Help files.

  rômanab 18:19 23 Feb 2006

"Unfortunately, one of Power DVD’s main flaws appears pops up when you first start the program. Installation and set-up were both very simple and caused me no problems. However, when you start Power DVD, you immediately jump to their “i-power” function. This feature connects to the PowerDVD Internet portal and can provide you with a variety of information about the program and other DVD-related topics.

Overall, it’s a nice little site, and I’m not just saying that because it offers a link to DVD Movie Guide (though it doesn’t hurt); it’s a good basic source for different facts and opinions. Nothing about the site itself bothers me - except for some sloppy errors such as references to a site called “DVD Files” - but this Internet aspect contains one major problem. If you try to exit PowerDVD and you’re online, you’ll be signed off the Internet! I found this to be a serious annoyance as I spent some time working with the program while I was online, and I wasn’t pleased to have my connection interrupted just because I didn’t want to continue with PowerDVD. There may be a solution to this problem that I’ve missed, but I’ve looked through a variety of different sources - including the “help” file and the “owner’s manual” you can access online - and can’t discover a way to alter this annoyance."

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