power down problem on windows ME

  bigboab y 12:53 08 Jul 2003

When I shut down my puter,and the "its safe to switch off your computer" message come up,if I dont touch the off switch,the whole thing starts up again in about 3 seconds... if I do press the on/off switch at this stage ,it starts up again immediately.... any ideas ???

  Lone Crow 13:55 08 Jul 2003

There are several known issues with Me and shut down, but unless you've always had the problem it may not apply to you. I can't give you the exact web link but if you go to Microsoft's site and do a search for Me shutdown problems you'll find a swathe of stuff! Alternatively, download and instal all the Me updates for your PC (you should have the Windows update link on your PC - press Start and look at the top of the list, for example) and you may well find the problem is solved along the way. GLuck. LC.

  bigboab y 16:10 08 Jul 2003

unfortunately its not connected to the internet yet ..havnt installed a modem

  Lone Crow 12:20 09 Jul 2003

Curious - how have you got onto this site, then? When you have a connection - or if you can find a helpful friend - try this link click here
I don't think anyone will be able to help you much directly because there are so many possible causes, from software glitches to power supply problems or even BIOS settings. Most often it's an OS software glitch for which patches are usually available from Microsoft, but without internet access you're up the swanny without a paddle, I'm afraid. Get connected, sir! LC.

  bigboab y 16:52 09 Jul 2003

The reason I am not on the internet with this machine is that my main computer is set up for broadband.. I wasnt intending to fit a modem till this daft fault was sorted.. but your probly right..there may be fixes out there in Gatesland..(tho after using broadband the old dial - up is a pain).. thanks for all your help guys/gals

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