Power to Devices even after shutdown

  ACOLYTE 14:47 29 Jun 2005

Was just wondering if this was normal,my keyboard and scanner are still getting power even when pc is turned off,but my camera and modem do not all are USB eccept the keyboard that is Ps2.

  Sethhaniel 14:58 29 Jun 2005

mine looks like blackpool illuminations when it is switched off at night - keybaord -mouse - usb hub - monitor -
and during the recent storms and power cut -when the power was restored it automatically booted up the PC - Scanner etc

So when i go on holiday its plugs out ;)

  ACOLYTE 15:04 29 Jun 2005

Thx,so where does the power come from,the mobo battery? if so would this make the battery last less than it should,and why do only 2 of the devices keep power and the others don't?,lol just trying to think if there is any way to alter it apart that is from unplugging everything from the pc.

  bruno 17:25 29 Jun 2005

Why not use an extension lead with switchable outputs and simply trn off the supply to the tower.That is what I do.

  ACOLYTE 17:42 29 Jun 2005

Well i could just turn the mains plug off but i wonted to know why the power is still getting to some of the devices when the pc is suposed to be off,and they are powered from the pc.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:22 29 Jun 2005

so where does the power come from

There is a small amount trickling through from the socket via the psu to G cards and motherboards ethernet cards etc..

This is why it is recommended to unplug the computer when changing components such as graphics cards etc.

Some people say leave the plug in to "ground the PC through the earth pin in the plug" but as you can see from above better to isolate completey and earth down with a wrist strap.

  wiz-king 21:19 29 Jun 2005

See click here you are not alone.

  De Marcus 21:25 29 Jun 2005

A lot of the time power is pumped through to these devices to enable features such as wake on lan, or waking up the pc if a keyboard/mouse button is pressed, you can disable these in the bios if needs be.

  woodchip 21:40 29 Jun 2005

It depends on Motherboard and Operating System you are using

  ACOLYTE 21:41 29 Jun 2005

Ok people thanks for the info,seems the only way
to alter this is to unplag the devices or the pc
it doesnt really bother me i just wanted to know if them having power was ok,and i guess it is so ill tick this now.


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