Power Defrag

  Craig.m 14:49 23 Apr 2003

In the past I have used Power Defrag as it restarts the PC and does a de before all the apps have started,this reduces the starting again when an app accesses the hard drive and changes the content.

Have just downloaded the latest Power de and each time I use it, the Laptop (on Win 98) is shutting down and then on the boot up of windows it is interrupted by the defrag programme to do the defrag. Thing is it then brings up the MS defrag tool and says there are errors on the disc and do a Candis. I have done this on both Standard and the more drastic version, go back to Poser Defrag and it says the same. If I do a normal defrag and shut down as much as I can, this works OK.

Does anyone else use this little freebie bit of software and are they having any similar problems?

I know the answer is do a normal style defrag but I did find the PowerDefrag simpler and quicker to do.


  anchor 15:27 23 Apr 2003

Hi Craig.m

I have used Power Defrag in the past, and found it a bit of a nuisance. I suggest you scrap it, and replace it with the excellent and free, Diskeeper Lite.

click here

I liked it so much, I bought the full version.

  Mango Grummit 16:38 23 Apr 2003

Power defrag uses the standard Windows defragger anyway. All it does is shut down prgs before letting the defragger start up. You can do this yourself with EndItAll. As anchor I use Diskeeper. This does not do a full defrag but if used at least daily then fragmentation is kept at a constantly low level which is OK because even after a full defrag then within a couple of hours or so you will have fragmentation already. Diskeeper keeps it at about that level all the time. That's OK and the good thing is it only takes about three to four minutes or less each time you use it.

  Craig.m 11:31 24 Apr 2003

Think I will have a look at the Diskeeper software. Was just a bit confused as to why there should be errors when PowerDefrag runs the normal windows defragger but when I do it manually it gives no drive errors at all.

Thanks for the suggestions, will go and have a play.


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