Power Cut Problems

  provider 2 11:25 03 Dec 2006

With a force 10 blowing outside, I`m becoming increasingly anxious about the possibility of a power-cut. Should this happen is it inevitable that my pc will be damaged? It`s a fairly new one running Windows XP sp2.

  Probabilitydrive 11:34 03 Dec 2006

Just a cautionary tale: 4 month ago there was a power cut at 2 am on my street.

In the morning my computer was running although I had it switched off the previous evening. Stench of burned plastic..! And yes, the power cut(presumably) had fried one of my HD and did other untold damage to the Mobo..etc..

The consequece: I have now a brand new shiny silver machine..

My experience is probably not transferrable to all power cuts, but in my case it certainly finished off my machine.

  provider 2 11:44 03 Dec 2006

Good grief! I would have thought the fuses in your electricity supply circuits would have prevented that kind of damage.
Is there any possibility that you were mistaken in thinking that you had switched it off?

  terryf 12:04 03 Dec 2006

I have an APC ups and I have never had any problems due to mains fluctuations, it will also protect you against surges, cheaper in the long run than a shiny new PC

  Probabilitydrive 12:21 03 Dec 2006

No, I defenately had my machine switched off.I do have a pwer surge protector and - due to system instability problems- my tale os very likely NOT representative for a power cut scenario.

However, threads (now long lost) I followed to see whetehr others came accross similar problems confirmed that what happend to my system is indeed not a single incident.

My advice: if you have a power surge protector and switched off your sytem, (knowing there is a storms brewing outside) you are very very likely to be safe.

  reece1705 13:39 03 Dec 2006

Or just unplug your machine altogether, remove power plugs and modem/network cables.

  irishrapter 16:36 03 Dec 2006

Get one of these click here

I have one, its one of those things that you dont need but are glad you have one when the power goes out!

(Better to have one and not need it, than to need it and not have one!)

  provider 2 16:39 03 Dec 2006

Wow! irishratper, what a price!

  irishrapter 18:25 03 Dec 2006

lol... Do you think is a good price or too expensive?

For a 1200VA UPS its not a bad price.

I only run it at a 30% load rate, thats with a P4 3Ghz, five hard drives and a 19" CRT monitor.

  provider 2 12:18 04 Dec 2006

Too high a price for me,irishrapter. I would have to break open the piggy-bank to come up with the cash for that one. Still, what price peace of mind, eh?
Truth to tell, I was hoping for something maybe in the region of £30 or so that would cope with power cuts only and just switch off and unplug during electrical storms.

  wee eddie 16:50 04 Dec 2006

click here

and I'm sure that you'll find a better price if you look hard

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