power button

  e-t 07:24 12 Jul 2007

when i press the power button nothing happens but after 2 minutes the pc starts on its own it has only just started doing this can anyone shed any light on this problem many thanks

  jack 08:47 12 Jul 2007

Possibly a failing power suppy component or ditto mother board.
The reason I conclude this is.
The power button on the front of a PC[This is the one you refere to is it not?]
Ctivates an already 'live system' by sending a trigger voltage to the PSU to 'wake up'
that is the main power is already in the PSU standing by.
So I conclude that the time lage colud be due to a capacitor or similar is taking its to 'come up'
All of this is supposition with out haviing the machine infront of me.
What can you do?
Remove the power cord from the back of the machine.

Wait 10 minutes.

Remove the cover.

Then with one hand of the metal chassis to equalize your self and touching no metal part with the other do as much as you can to ensure all connectors are firmly in place
espicially the 20 line connector from the power supply. but also all others for disks, memnory.
Come back

  Jai 08:55 12 Jul 2007

Just a quick one to check before the tool box comes out. Is the button sticking to the either side of the casing & therefore slowly releasing itself. Give it a wiggle if poss. My restart button does this, & the 1st couple of times I thought my M/B or supply was a gonner until I realised the restart button had not actually popped back out.

  e-t 17:38 13 Jul 2007

sorry for the late reply thanks guys for the help it was the psu that was going and finally gave up the ghost so i to buy a new one thanks again much appreciated

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