dwhiteley 18:24 17 Feb 2011

my pc WinFast 6150M2MA 2.20 gigahertz AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core is shutting down (losing all power)is the gaphic card ATI Radeon X1050 [Display adapter] or cpu

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:48 17 Feb 2011

Is it shutting down after a few seconds, when your doing heavy use like gaming or only when uing certain programs?

  GaT7 18:52 17 Feb 2011

You need to give us more details.

Is it working for a while & then shutting down? Or, is it shutting down soon after you boot it up?

Is there anything you're doing / particular program you're using when it shuts down?

Are there any visible error codes / BSODs just before it happens?

Did you make any recent changes to the system, like install or uninstalled software/hardware/drivers?

What OS are you using - XP/Vista/Win7/other? G

  dwhiteley 20:53 17 Feb 2011

i am using windows 7 and happernsdont matter what programe and cam be ok for days and then last night 3 times in a row

  Terry Brown 21:24 17 Feb 2011

I have the same configeration, and due to an overheating problem, I checked the Fans (OK) then cleaned out the heatsink (Aboue the processor) which had quite a bit of dust in it.
problem Cured.

have you checked the fan (spinning freely and clean)
Is the power line to all fans in firmly
Is the heatsink clean
Is the machine overclocked, if so try reducing the overclocking slightly

Download and run SIW.exe
This is a windows systems software program.
Go accross the top to Hardware then down to Sensors, and monitor the settings and especially the fan speeds and temperatures for any fluctuations.

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