Poweline exender - prob

  copast 12:03 27 Aug 2012

Hi all - I have a sky router that doesnt get the wireless signal far enough in my house so have connected a tp link powerline - managed to get the wireless signal from tp link in far away room, but every time I connect the ethernet to anything from it (it is a 281 which can give out wireless and wired connection - the internet 'home' light goes out - amd I lose internet connection, any ideas? thanks Steve

  howard64 12:44 27 Aug 2012

I have a Dlink powerline setup and had similar problems until I went into the setup program and set everything up in that. The powerline system was trying to use the same IP address as my main router.

  copast 08:01 28 Aug 2012

Hi many thks - tried to change ip address and still have this prob. In fact later on in the day the wireless dropped out too!! Any ideas much apprec - found out now even the downstairs are on 2 sep fuseboards which splits grd floor in half. Are there any routers/powerlines out there to cope with thisas sky router only goes 5-10m max - can leave them if necess? We have wide house over 18m side to side. thks steve

  howard64 08:47 28 Aug 2012

if the 2 fuseboards end up at the same meter then this is not a problem. I have set up a powerline system for my sister who lives in an old farmhouse with very thick walls and a modern extension on the back. The main router is in the old part and no signal was getting through to the back. She has 2 fuseboards like you and I got the powerline working. I had to go into the settings of the powerline adaptor that plugs into the main router and stop it trying to be the main router and make it a secondary. The hardest part of the job was getting into the powerline settings.

  copast 09:00 28 Aug 2012

Ok great thks - any idea re settings? Can get into wireless unit re ethernet to laptop and get settings and suppose I can do it through one that connects to router bt do you know what seetings need changing? chrs

  howard64 10:43 29 Aug 2012

without that system in front of me it is very difficult - I remember that I had to set its ip address to one in the range of the main router eg main router powerline - this is to clear the ip addresses of all other things plugged into the system such as ipad, pc's etc. Also look for a setting that tells this system not to act as a dns server - maybe set the dns server to the ip address of the main router. Hope this helps.

  copast 07:35 31 Aug 2012

Will try it! Many thanks

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