£600 Gaming PC Help-Future proofing

  SidTheSloth 14:50 14 Dec 2013

click here am planning to make that build, but I have a few questions before I buy the parts. Firstly will there be any issues putting it together. Is the future proofed (if not how can I make it?) AMD or Intel which one would I be better of getting with my budget, im leaning more towards intel because ive heard they are more reliable


  wee eddie 15:51 14 Dec 2013

I assume that you know that the future is only a few minutes away.

Go with what you can/want and don't worry about what you cannot predict

  finerty 16:34 14 Dec 2013

remember computer parts go down in value overtime, and if u do decide to sell,u may find that people may not purchas if u cant honour a gurantee

  bumpkin 17:02 14 Dec 2013

Nothing is future proof for very long, just get the best you can afford at the moment.

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