Potentially serious CPU problem

  wheelie 23:08 08 Jul 2003

For no particular reason I decided to have a look at my BIOS setup this afternoon. I wish I hadn't!

The CPU temperature is being reported as 151°C!!

Now either there's something *seriously* wrong with my motherboard sensors or my computer is about to explode! I fear it may be the latter.

The weird thing is that there are absolutely no problems with the system - no freezes or program errors.

Am I just being paranoid?

  The Sack 23:21 08 Jul 2003

if your CPU was genuinly running at that temp it would have died. see if there is a BIOS update and see if it solves the problem.

  wheelie 20:32 11 Jul 2003

I decided to go back into the BIOS and watch the temperature for a while. The reading was going up and down like a yo-yo, which makes me think that there's something wrong with the sensor. Can someone give me a link to a BIOS update, as I've never done it before and don't want to get it wrong

The currently installed BIOS is AMI 2.0S dated 21/2/2003


  woodchip 20:35 11 Jul 2003

If things are OK my recommendation is leave it. You may fry your board

  wheelie 20:39 11 Jul 2003

I think you might be right. Since it doesn't appear to be a problem, I think I'll ignore it until something nasty *does* happen.

Thanks guys.

One green tick coming up! :)

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