Potential RAM issue on new PC

  Dazza76 17:50 14 Jan 2008

Hi guys,

I've just bought a new custom built PC and it has a problem. It's abruptly restarts itself randomly and though it has 2 x 2GB RAM cards in it only just over 3.3GB of RAM is showing under properties.
Would you think i have a duff RAM card that's causing the restarts?
The restarts happen randomly regardless of what programs are running or indeed if no programs are running.


  Devil Fish 17:54 14 Jan 2008

if it is a 32 bit operating system it will not recognise the full 4gig of ram 3ghz to 3.5 ghz is about the norm so 3.3ghz is about right unless you are running a 64bit operating system

  Dazza76 17:57 14 Jan 2008

Really?...i thought the 32bit verion of home premium could handle up to 4gig without issue. .7gig seems like quite a lot not to recognise.

  Dazza76 18:03 14 Jan 2008

also, any ideas about the random restarts?

  Devil Fish 18:21 14 Jan 2008

could be suspect hardware could be a driver conflict

If it is new and under warranty i would contact the dealer you purchased it from

  lotvic 18:27 14 Jan 2008

4GB same as Windows XP
Suggest you contact the retailer as you have only just bought the PC.

If you can open the case without voiding your warranty, then you could check that the ram sticks are firmly in place in their slots and are being recognised.
Take them both out and then put one back and boot up. Check in properties if it is 1GB
Switch off pc.
Do same with other ram stick (using the same slot)

Now do it with both ram sticks in.

note: the slot nearest the CPU is (usually) slot one.

or use free Belarc Advisor from click here
also to try siw from click here a free system information prog

  lotvic 18:29 14 Jan 2008

error correction:
Check in properties if it is 2GB

  lotvic 18:32 14 Jan 2008

Just a thought, if some of your other components have inbuilt memory (graphics card for example) then that would cause some of the ram stick to be not recognised as it would take it over the 4 GB that can be seen by Vista/XP

  lotvic 18:34 14 Jan 2008

another thought, take one of the 2GB sticks out and reboot and see if the system then behaves itself

  Devil Fish 18:51 14 Jan 2008

this may explain the problem of ram shortage better

click here

  Dazza76 20:05 14 Jan 2008

Thanks very much guys. I'm learning an awful lot from this. Certainly a steep learning curve!

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