Posts to Forum Blocked As Being Spam

  anotherpanther 13:46 15 Jul 2014

Someone I know has been trying to post a question to this forum, but the message "We Think This is Spam" is shown in red, - and the question doesn't get posted.

The intended message ISN'T spam. So why is it being treated as though it IS spam?

How can it be shown / proved that the message is genuine and isn't spam?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:10 15 Jul 2014

Annoying but it has happened to us all at some point because the forum has been attacked by spammers stringent measures were put in place that unfortunately causes genuine poster some problems at times. Short questions with links seem to get treated as spam.

try to make a five word title and post the question in paragraphs giving as much detail as possible concerning machine specs etc.

  bumpkin 14:15 15 Jul 2014

I have had the same thing, try re-phrasing it. Spam filters are not perfect and do give false positives sometimes.

  Matt Egan 15:24 15 Jul 2014

Sorry about this. It's not an exact science obviously, but when we lower the spam filter either the forum becomes unusable or FE spends every minute of every working day deleting spam posts. It's the price of popularity.

The advice given above is sound. At least a five word title with as much specific detail as possible. And then as much detail as you can in the body copy itself.

And please don't take it personally!

  anotherpanther 15:50 15 Jul 2014

Things are REALLY odd here. I posted the original message from another computer on my home network, using an alias.

When I then try and post a response using my OWN computer and my "proper" name (thegreypanther) THIS MESSAGE IS BLOCKED.

It would very much appear as though PC Advisor aren't just blocking the message, but are blocking the USER. And no way do I post spam, - but I do need help from the Forum!!!

  spuds 18:27 15 Jul 2014

Its happened to most of us at times. Just keep experimenting and changing the title words initially, and see if that helps you to post. Don't use different usernames, because that won't help?.

  bumpkin 18:32 15 Jul 2014

I posted the original message

Then try as has been suggested modifying the original message.

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