Posting links without bad formatting

  BT 12:32 14 Nov 2014


You do it like I said

enter link description here

and it works

  BT 12:38 14 Nov 2014

So you type the first bit then press Enter twice when your cursor will be two lines down. Then insert your link, the cursor should now be at the end of the link. Press Enter twice more (or three times to really make sure) and the cursor will now be another two lines down and you can carry on with whatever you need to put next. It does work as I showed above.

  spuds 13:09 14 Nov 2014


I have not tried your method and perhaps I and possibly others should.

Through experiments quite a number of us are finding our way around this website, but the question still remains, as to why this should be the case, when other websites do not seem to have these problems or possible concerns.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:27 14 Nov 2014

Sometimes links and formatting works OK, other days the site likes to throw a spanner in the works just to keep us on our toes.


  lotvic 17:37 14 Nov 2014

I copied and pasted my url address in, then it changed to the words 'click here'. So that must be why we got different results ;) There are several different ways to put the link in so I'll have to experiment and see what happens - I'll have a try after tea.

  rdave13 17:50 14 Nov 2014

BT clicked on your link and was taken aback. It's full of that 25th Dec. day that's unmentionable here at the mo.

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