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  Graham ® 14:43 13 Nov 2004

To post a link in the forum (to save you typing the URL), go to the website so the URL appears in the 'Address' panel. Click on the URL so it turns blue, then ctrl/c to copy. Then paste into the response box.

If it is a long address that extends out of the box, click in the middle and use the left arrow until you see 'http'. Click just to the left of 'h' so it all turns blue, then copy as above.

If it looks as though it may not post as it is, try by closing the web window, paste into the address bar, and see if it takes you to the right place.

If not, paste into click here Note that the 'tiny URL' will automatically be copied ready for pasting.

Microsoft Knowledge Base links need special attention, see VoGs click here

Some online stores won't link to a product, Maplins is an example.

  Stuartli 15:03 13 Nov 2004

I find Microsoft links work satisfactorily when TinyURL-ed.

  Graham ® 19:24 13 Nov 2004

You will notice that when you post a link on this forum it will display as 'click here'. If you hover your cursor, you will see the address.

In other places, it may be underlined or coloured blue.

  powerless 19:36 13 Nov 2004
  Diodorus Siculus 19:53 13 Nov 2004

There is a firefox extension that allow a user to right click on a page and choose to make a TinyURL for it. I don't think that it has been updated for Firefox 1.

  Graham ® 19:53 13 Nov 2004

What ever happened to Jester2K? :-)

  Graham ® 10:34 14 Nov 2004

Finally, if you are responding to someone with a 'funny' nickname and you don't know how to type the characters, simply highlight the text to turn it blue, right click and select Copy.

Put your cursor where you want the name to go, right click and select Paste.

  Graham ® 18:31 27 Nov 2004

The 18:12 Overture bump!

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