Posting form to CSV

  Morphy 16:08 04 Apr 2005

I have a simple form on a website I am creating, just name, address etc, and I want the details my visitors will enter to go into a csv file.

I know how to get them to email it to me, but I dont want that, and I dont want to use FrontPage extensions either.

Ive had a look on the web, and found a few companies that will do the processing for me, but that doesnt sound like the kind of thing I want (they create the form for you as well, yuk)

All I need to know is how to word the html code so that the info goes to the right place. HELP!!

  Michendi 22:26 05 Apr 2005

A couple of questions.....

1. Is there some good reason why you want to do this? There are easier ways to process the information from the Form.

2. Are you able to do server-side processing with the hosting package that your ISP provides?

3. Do you have any skills with CGI, PERL, PHP or similar technologies?

  Morphy 09:27 06 Apr 2005

In answer to your questions...

1. I dont want to use email to process the info because it will require my visitors to use Outlook Express or some other Email handling program, I know from experience that not everyone uses a program like this, often they just use web-based email, like yahoo or hotmail. End result, the visitor thinks "Huh, ive got to configure Outlook to my email address just so I can submit this form? I dont know how to do that/I cant be bothered" = visitor goes somewhere else.

I also dont want to use Frontpage extensions because although I know that it makes it simpler, I dont have a copy of FrontPage (and dont like using it either) and prefer to use Dreamweaver.

If there are other ways to do the job, Im open to suggestions.

2. My current ISP at home is click here, Im not sure what hosting services they provide? I wasnt planning on using them to host my website anyway, I have yet to choose a host which I was going to do once my website was nearing completion, and once I knew what services (eg SSP) I needed.

3. No, I havent got as far as learning CGI/PERL/PHP yet, Ive got a basic understanding of java, but thats it so far.

If anyone has any suggestions, even some code I could copy/paste/fool around with, its all appreciated.


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