posting back as suggested

  Newuser2 19:57 20 Nov 2003

I've carried out the alterations to my site click here as suggested.
I think I've got it right, but if any one has any comments I'll be glad to hear them.
The only problem I have is that cannot get a link to work so that prospective guests can open up a larger location map & also down load a copy of the booking form.
I've contacted oneandone's tech help, but the response was not very helpful, (probably OK if you design web sites all day, but I don't).
Any help on that will be most gratefully received.

  PurplePenny 14:31 21 Nov 2003

That's much better. The home page especially is a great improvement. You might want to change the name of the link "Photo gallery" to something like "Accommodation details" - I didn't go to it straight away and was wondering where all the info from the home page had gone :-)

By the way - you've still got the "walkin wardrobe" that FE mentioned before. The brain fills in what it expects to see, I read that as "walking" every time and find myself wondering exactly what kind of wardrobe walks!


  Newuser2 15:15 21 Nov 2003

Once again many many thanks for all your time & effort sorting out my problems. It is very much appreciated.
The oneandone account is a MS Business.
The info I need for guests to complete is Name, Address, Phone Number, email address,Arrival date, Departure date,names of all people occupying the villa, flight details ie. times/airlines. etc.
I would idealy like for people to be able to download the booking form as well as allowing those who wanted to to fill the form in on the web. Best of both worlds so to speak.
I'll have a go at uploading a form in RTF as you suggested so you can see exactly what I mean.
Many Thanks.

  Newuser2 19:36 21 Nov 2003

Tried to upload a booking form in RTF but oneandone will only allow uploads in jpeg or gif.
I'm stuck.
I'll await your expert help.
I'm still waiting for the sortware from oneandone, all I've recieved so far is frontpage.
Many Thanks

  Forum Editor 02:22 22 Nov 2003

a bedroom with its own bathroom is en suite, not 'on suite'.

Never ending, isn't it?

"oneandone will only allow uploads in jpeg or gif" astonishes me - they won't get many customers if that's the case. Perhaps if you give them a ring they'll clarify this for you, there's no earthly reason why you shouldn't upload a form as a Word doc - almost everyone would be able to handle that file type. One reason why ISPs sometimes get nervous about files for download is the fear of excessive bandwidth consumption if a site gets really busy. That said, they'll usually set a monthly transfer limit anyway, and charge you for any excess. A Word document will be a very small file size, and the problem won't arise. I suggest you talk to them.

Taran's ZIP file suggestion is good as well; my only reservation is that many casual Internet users tend to shy away from anything that looks too technical, and asking them to download software to open a file (even though it's free) is often enough to drive them away.

  Newuser2 13:36 22 Nov 2003

I uploaded a zip file but I don't know what happened to it, I got a message saying successfully uploaded but I can't find it??
I'll try & phone oneandone again, the last time I sat on the phone for half an hour waiting, I gave up in the end.
I must admit if I was to start from scratch I don't think I would go with oneandone again. Their ads say first class tech support, thats not my experiance.
I'll keep on at it & I'll post back again in with any updates.
Thanks again one & all

  PurplePenny 14:32 22 Nov 2003

.....tend to shy away from anything that looks too technical

Too right FE, not just casual users either. At the library we use the web all the time in our jobs but most staff would still throw up their hands in horror if told that they needed to download software.

On the other hand I think that most people do have some unzip utility or other.

  Belatucadrus 21:47 22 Nov 2003

click here If this works it may help with your map problems. using the Zip code you should be able to get it to indicate the exact location of the property.

  Newuser2 16:11 24 Nov 2003

I've got all the software & I'm getting the hang of front page, it seems far better than oneandone's templates etc.
I'll post back when I've got it right, don't rush me.

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