Clonetrooper 23:05 11 Aug 2003

I have a document that I have saved in WORD and POWERPOINT.

It is going to printed as a poster.

Is there any way, in either of these programmes of setting the view up to Poster size so I can see if all of my text fits in and looks OK at that size.??

  Pesala 23:24 11 Aug 2003

Isn't this possible with Print Preview? You can probably guess that I don't use Word or Powerpoint. Printing out a draft might be the best solution.

  Clonetrooper 23:27 11 Aug 2003

I need size 120cm x 80cm. Page set up won't go this big.

  DieSse 23:55 11 Aug 2003

The job of setting it to print as a poster is down to the printer.

If you want to do a layout to show the printer what you want to acheive as a final effect, then simply do it scaled down - say 24cm x 16cm - this will print out on an A4 sheet, so you can give it to the printer along with your text and pictures.

  Pesala 08:38 12 Aug 2003

I tried this in Star Office This was the biggest size that page setup would accept.

  philwane 08:55 12 Aug 2003

You can print Posters in Microsoft Publisher and prieview them to make any ajustments

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