The P.O.S.T tells 'Porkies' or does it?

  jack 10:04 21 Jan 2010

The owner of a machine I am looking over told me that it has 1Gb of RAM installed.
But when I started the machine the POST indicated 128Mb.
This then started me checking the memory sticks - all seemed well there [2x512 Mb]
Running Everest Home- indicated the full 1 Gb as the owner and Everest indicated
So why is the BIOS reporting only 128 Mb
and is the machine running only 128[perhaps a BIOS setting is incorrect]?

  Fingees 10:32 21 Jan 2010

Are you sure you are looking at the memory screen on post, and not the Graphics post?

  cream. 11:41 21 Jan 2010

You need to look in the bios for a reset configuration data setting. Set this to enabled and reboot.

It should show the correct amount.

Alternately set the bios to defaults or see if the memory settings are by spd in the bios.

  jack 10:43 24 Jan 2010

So whats oop chooks?

  chub_tor 11:08 24 Jan 2010

I think that you are seeing the graphics card memory and not the system memory.

  chub_tor 11:13 24 Jan 2010

When you are next into the BIOS look at the bottom of the Standard CMOS Features Page (generally the first one) and you should see the Base Memory and the Extended Memory. That will show you what you have installed.

  jack 14:15 24 Jan 2010

The graphics memory is indeed 128 mb
But the RAM in POST is listed as 128 also.
But never mind- just another puzzlement

  Fingees 19:29 24 Jan 2010

As a matter of interest.

The first screen that comes up in post, relates to your graphics, together with the graphics memory size.

If you have your computers logo and fast boot enabled in the bios, you wont see the computers memory size.

If you disable them, the memory test will take place, and normally you will then see the computers memory being checked and counted.
All the best.

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